2021 Circular Letters

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1249September 22, 2021September Governing Board Minutes
3235September 13, 2021Excess Loss Factors
3234August 12, 2021September Governing Board Agenda and Rating Committee Meeting Notification
657July 27, 2021WCUnderwriting Web Service Enhancement
3233July 20, 20212021 Rate Revision
1248June 29, 2021June Governing Board Minutes
3232June 2, 2021June Governing Board Agenda and Rating Committee Meeting Notification
3231May 21, 2021ELC Updates and Revisions
3230May 21, 20212021 Rate Change Indication
1247May 21, 20212021 Annual Meeting Minutes
3229May 7, 2021May Rating Committee Meeting Notification
3228April 23, 2021Revisions to the Basic Manual
3227April 23, 2021Class Code Cleanup
3226April 21, 2021Updates to the Stat Plan Cause and Nature Tables
1246March 31, 20212021 Annual Meeting Agenda
1245March 15, 2021March Governing Board Minutes
3225February 17, 2021March Governing Board and Rating Committee Meeting Notifications and Agendas
1244January 28, 2021May 20, 2021 Annual Meeting Notification
1243January 12, 2021December 2020 Governing Board Minutes
656January 8, 2021WWCIP RFP
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