b'WCRB 2022 State of the State 2020 PRELIMINARY POOL RESULTS Total Pool Gross Premiums Written$73,346,981 Net Pool Premiums After Servicing Carrier Allowance, Commissions, Charge-Offs, Transfers of Debt and Deferred Premium Credit$52,162,220 3. Total Paid Losses$43,874,20 4. Total Incurred Losses$31,948,201 (Outstanding LossesUnadjusted 2021 -$143,271,689) (Outstanding LossesUnadjusted 2020 -$155,197,768) Ratios: 5. Paid/Written59.8% 6. Incurred/Written43.5% 7. Paid/Net84.1% 8. Incurred/Net61.2% FINAL REDETERMINATION OF THE POOL FUND BALANCE AS OF 12-31-19Net Assets$341,294,948 Less Unearned Premium Reserve at 12-31-20$31,501,557 Adjusted Value of Net Assets 12-31-20$309,793,391Outstanding Losses Reported by Servicing Carriers at 12-31-20$155,197,768 Actuarial Adjustment$97,774,594 Target Fund Value$252,972,362 Net Assets Surplus, 12-31-20$56,821,029 379311ST AUTO & CASUALTY INS CO15873AMERICAN FAMILY MUTUAL INS CO S. I. 1819821st CENTURY CENTENNIAL INS CO 11266AMERICAN FIRE & CASUALTY CO 21'