b'WCRB 2022 State of the State2021 COMPLIANCE DETAIL-YEARLY AGGREGATE REPORTPolicy Activity20202021 147,296159,767 Policy & Binders Endorsements82,09787,585 Terminations70,16772,028 Reinstatements29,19830,316 Experience Rating20202021 Intrastate Ratings Released24,64024,617 DNQ9831,240 Withdrawn293318 Contingent Ratings383403 60 Day Fining20202021 Total Policies Reviewed1,6061,822 Total Fines Levied1,1331,218 Total Amount Levied$169,950$182,700 Total Withdrawn2632 Total Amount Withdrawn$3,900$4,800 Net Fines1,1071,186 Net Amount Levied$166,050$177,900 Financial Call Fining20202021 Total Fines Levied3527 Total Amount Levied$18,350$10,850 Total Fines Withdrawn40 NTC Processing and Fining20202021 NTCs Created44,63440,982 NTCs Issued42,65838,109 NTCs Disapproved2,7752,990 Total NTC Fines2,1842,575 Total Fined Amount$514,300$616,250 Total NTC Fines Withdrawn4847 Total Fines Withdrawn Amount$9,600$13,450 Net Fines2,1362,528 Net Fined Amount$504,700$602,800 14'