b'WCRB 2022 State of the StateWCRB 2022 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT September 2022The workers compensation rate change calculations submitted by the WCRB to The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance will take effect on October 1, 2022.The overall rate change will be -8.47% and are supported by rate changes by industry group as follows:Manufacturing -8.10% Contracting -8.01% Office & Clerical -7.46% Goods & Services -10.03% Miscellaneous -7.19%This decrease is preceded by six consecutive annual rate decreases: -3.19% in 2016, -8.46% in 2017; -6.03% in 2018; -8.84% in 2019; -0.93% in 2020, and -5.44 in 2021. The consecutive workers compensation rate decreases are remarkable and are partially driven by important factors in which Wisconsin excels compared to many other states. Wisconsins results are partially driven by superior return to work, low litigation rates, low benefit delivery expenses, and superior (injured) worker satisfaction. In terms of WCRB operations, we continue to aggressively identify the value of everything we do.With an eye on necessity, cycle time, and first-time quality, we will continue to serve and improve upon the support we provide to Wisconsin workers compensation stakeholders. This year we introduced our new website. Modernized navigation based on user feedback, combined with professional consultation, resulted in a product that is more user-friendly and appealing to members, employers, other stakeholders and, importantly, employment candidates.Information-sharing and education will become more of a focus as resources resulting from operational improvements become available.Replacing waste with value continues and will always be our focus. Sincerely, Bernard L. RosauerPresidentWisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau2'