b'WCRB 2022 State of the State The Wisconsin Workers Compensation Insurance Pool is continued under the provisions of Section 619.01(6), Wis. Stats, to provide workers compensation insurance to those employers who are in "good faith" entitled to coverage but are unable to obtain it in the voluntary market. In 2021, new assignments increased from 3,289 to 3,469 risks. The number of employers retaining coverage in the Pool increased from 22,312 to 22,555. Pool gross premiums written increased from $70,923,783 to $73,346,981, an increase of 3.4%. Under established procedures, preliminary Pool results are subjected to an independent actuarial analysis each year, based on calendar/accident year data reported by the servicing carriers in a special call. This analysis essentially involves the review of past losses, year by year, for developmental accuracy, which is then used to adjust the outstanding losses, before the formula for proper fund balance is applied. The Pool maintains a fund that is adjusted periodically to a "target fund value which is equal to the actuarial best estimate of the total outstanding losses (reported plus Incurred But Not Reported) of all servicing carriers. The final determination of the Pool Fund Balance as of December 31, 2020 resulted in a surplus of $56,821,029. As the Fund year-end balance of $309,793,391 was 122% of the target fund value, the surplus of $56,821,029 was declared and distributed by thePool in2021. The following exhibits provide a ten-year summary of Pool activity, 2021 preliminary Pool detail, and more detailed final 2020 results: NEW POOLTOTAL POOLTOTAL WIPOOL WRITTENTOTAL WI WRITTENAVG SIZE OF YEARRISKSRISKSRISKSPREMIUMPREMIUMPOOL RISK 20124,32819,545138,835$78,317,806$1,732,508,488$4,007 20135,39721,707139,835$102,004,808$1,754,698,816$4,699 20145,37123,389141,544$111,013,992$1,812,772,013$4,746 20155,98225,718144,638$117,377,944$1,950,264,251$4,564 20165,00024,658144,303$101,829,144$2,014,069,588$4,129 20174,20923,591143,518$92,292,042$1,956,376,445$3,912 20184,05423,674144,981$87,797,753$1,950,797,753$3,709 20193,62923,349147,267$81,405,736$1,933,426,185$3,486 20203,28922,312146,765$70,923,783$1,751,984,201$3,179 20213,46922,555155,206$73,346,981$1,790,524,522$3,252 19'