b'WCRB 2022 State of the State WCRB WEBSITE www.wcrb.org WCRB is committed to continuous improvement and providing a high-quality user-friendly website experience. We closely examine our business model and evaluate how to best meet the needs of our customers through the development of new website products and enhancing existing products. The following enhancements to the wcrb.org website occurred throughout 2021:The Carrier Assessment member product was rolled out and made available to carrier website members. This tool provides the carrier members electronic access to Quarterly Assessments, Special Billings and WWCIP Carrier Status Reports. Designated carrier contacts are sent an email notification each time a new assessment, billing or report are posted to the website. This product eliminated the need for hardcopy mailing of assessment related invoices.A more robust site search tool was integrated into the main web search to allow search results to be displayed into specific categories (i.e., Forms, Circulars, FAQs, Manuals etc.). This new display provides better organization of results to aide website visitors in finding the desired resource. A new Industry Group search was added to the Class Code Lookup public product. The Web Services enrollment was expanded to allow carriers to also enroll in the CDX UW Underwriting Web Service. A new Carrier Support Request form was added to the website to make it easy for Carriers to request one-on-one problem resolution or assistance with NTCs, USRs, Fining, Enhancement requests, Member Product Demonstrations, Financial Calls or other Wisconsin workers compensation related topics.Enhanced security measures throughout the website were implemented in response to vulnerabilities identified in the annual website security audit. The most noticeable change to the end user was the implementation of reCAPTCHA on all forms that allow electronic submission. This tool presents adaptive visual or audio challenges to the form submitter to prevent malicious software from engaging abusive activity on the website 13'