Financial Calls Information

Wisconsin Financial Data Reporting Application (WIFDRA)

  • Financial data calls will only be accepted through All other formats will be rejected.
  • The WIFDRA Designated Contact Form is used to establish your company‚Äôs WIFDRA Group Administrator when setting up a new carrier group user profile.
  • You do not need to complete a WIFDRA Designated Contact Form for a new or existing user profile.
  • The WIFRDA Group Administrator is responsible for keeping the company user profiles current and accurate.
  • The Acknowledgement Form and all Calls are subject to timeliness fines of $50 per business day that the information is delinquent.
  • The maximum fine will not exceed $5,000, per call, per licensed company, regardless of whether a carrier has elected to file their Calls on a group basis.
  • For the details related to the WCRB Financial Calls and Fining Program, refer to the annual Circulars for the calendar year in question.