2022 Circular Letters

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1260December 28, 2022December 2022 Rating Committee Governing Board Minutes
665December 8, 2022Fraudulent Bank Information Request
1259December 7, 2022December Rating Commitee Governing Board Agenda
3246October 4, 2022New WCPOLS Data Element and Transaction Code Consolidation
664October 3, 2022WI 2023 Financial Calls
1258September 21, 2022September 2022 Quarterly Rating Committee Governing Board
3245September 2, 20222022 Excess Loss Factors
663September 1, 2022Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Insurance Pool Fund
1257August 22, 2022September Rating Committee Governing Board Agenda
3244July 12, 2022October 1, 2022 Rate Revision
1256June 20, 2022June Rating Committee and Governing Board Minutes
1255June 1, 2022June Quarterly Rating and Governing Agendas
1254June 1, 20222022 Annual Meeting Minutes
3243May 19, 2022October 1, 2022 Rate Change Indication
3242May 10, 2022May Rating Committee Rate Revision Meeting
3241April 14, 2022WCPAP Revisions
3240April 14, 2022Aggravated Inequity Revisions
1253March 24, 20222022 Annual Meeting Agenda
1252March 16, 2022March Governing Board Minutes
662March 4, 2022Medical Data Call
3239February 14, 2022March Governing Board and Rating Committee Meeting Notifications and Agendas
1251February 8, 2022May 19, 2022 Annual Meeting Notification
661January 7, 2022WWCIP Servicing Carrier Appointments