2020 Circular Letters

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3213May 21, 20202020 Rate Change Indication
3212May 18, 2020May Rating Meeting Notification
3211May 15, 2020UPDATE - COVID-19 Manual and Coding Changes
1238April 28, 2020Updated May, 2020 Annual Meeting Information
3210April 22, 2020WI COVID-19 Manual and Coding Changes
3209March 30, 2020WI COVID-19 Changes and Updates
3208March 30, 2020Revised-WI Class Code Phraseology Changes and Updates
3208March 26, 2020Class Code Phraseology Changes and Updates
1237March 26, 2020March Governing Board Minutes
1236March 26, 2020Annual Meeting Agenda
653March 25, 2020WI COVID-19 Claim Reporting Requirements
3207March 17, 2020Coronavirus Response Plan
3206February 19, 2020March Rating Committee Meeting Notification
1235February 19, 2020March Governing Board Agenda
1233January 14, 2020Revised- December Governing Board Minutes
3205January 14, 2020Franchisor/Franchisee Endorsements
3204January 10, 2020WI Class Code Changes
3203January 10, 2020WCPAP Program Update
3202January 10, 2020WI Class Code Cleanup
1234January 10, 2020May 21, 2020 Annual Meeting Notification