WCRB 2020 Annual Report 2020 Membership Activity NAME CHANGESOld NameNew NameEffective 16853Church Mutual Insurance Co16853Church Mutual Insurance Company SI01/01/20 26603Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company26603Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company SI 01/01/20 27908Maiden Reinsurance North America Inc27908Fletcher Reinsurance North America Inc 02/23/20 3062721 stCentury Assurance Company30627Toggle Insurance Company02/14/20 68405Am Trust Insurance Co of Kansas Inc68405AM Trust Insurance Company03/31/20 11479Southern Fire & Casualty Company78814Point Insurance Company11/03/20 13064Unigard Insurance Company32431Dairyland American Insurance Company 11/03/20MERGERSMerged CompanySurviving CompanyEffective 12300 Employers Fire Insurance Company10359 Bedivere Insurance Company12/09/20 14540 Lamoark Insurance Company10359 Bedivere Insurance Company12/09/20 NEW MEMBERSCarrier NameEffective 49545MEMIC Casualty Company01/24/20 24783CorePointe Insurance Company 01/28/20 31615Admiral Indemnity Company01//30/20 66706Pinnacle National Insurance Company02/19/20 17782Arch Property Casualty Insurance Company(66707) 03/02/20 61113Sunz Insurance Company04/24/20 48439Endurance American Insurance Company05/04/20 50879Endurance Assurance Corporation05/04/20 42603Chiron Insurance Company06/05/20 21075Service Lloyds Insurance Company06/22/20 36922Pekin Select Insurance Company07/13/20 16988Incline Casualty Company09/14/20 26239Centurion Casualty Company10/13/20 66708American Family Connect Property & Casualty Insurance Co12/17/20 66709Bowhead Insurance Company12/17/20 25771Everspan Insurance Company12/18/20 66710Colonial Surety Company12/23/20Placed in RehabilitationEffective No Longer in RehabilitationEffective 16152 Public Service Insurance Co1-9-2019 N/AN/A(OCI report 10-1 to 10-31-20) 30473Gateway Insurance Co6-10-2020 (OCI report 7-1 to 7-31-20 Status returned to Active) Voluntary WithdrawalEffectivePlaced in LiquidationEffective59627Indemnity National Ins Co06/17/2017051American Country Ins Co08/11/2038'