WCRB 2020 Annual Report WCRBWisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau WCRB 2021 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT August 22, 2021 Dear Stakeholders, 2020 was a trying year for reasons we all know. Still, as I reflect on how the workers compensation industry stakeholders in Wisconsin responded to the challenges of Covid-19, theres a lot to be proud of. WCRB staff transitioned from work to home smoothly. Work continued with very little backlog, if any, and service levels remained the same despite new questions from the industry, additional research, collaboration, and communication. The Bureaus talent, experience and knowledge were critical to the success experienced by the stakeholders in Wisconsin and beyond.The rate change calculations submitted by the WCRB to The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance have been approved and will go into effect October 1, 2021.The overall rate change will be -5.44%. The rate changes by industry group are as follows:Manufacturing -5.53% Contracting -5.35% Office & Clerical -4.21% Goods & Services -6.39% Miscellaneous -4.12%I wish to thank all of our employees, members, DWD, OCI, WCRBs Rating Committee and Board, other committees and other stakeholders with whom we regularly work. A quality rate product depends on a high degree of data integrity. Proficiency and dedication feed into that. To that end, your work is very greatly appreciated. Until next year,Bernard Rosauer President Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau 2'