WCRB 2020 Annual Report WCRB WEB SITE www.wcrb.org WCRB contracted with a third-party application security firm to audit the wcrb.org Web site. Extensive application and network security testing was completed to assure the wcrb.org Web site meets stringent security criteria and best practices. The firm followed a structured methodology focused on key assessment areas including but not limited to; application security, intrusion prevention, host security, firewall, password strength/authentication/session management and transport layer security. WCRB received recommendations for enhanced security measures which were implemented. The following are some of the 2020 Web product enhancements:The NTC Lookup member product was enhanced to include a new more comprehensive Notice to Carrier EXCEL download. This download includes an Error Detail column with the full list of errors associated with each NTC displayed in the users search result. Carrier feedback indicated printing multiple PDF versions of the NTCs to view the errors was tedious. The comprehensive EXCEL list would allow them to be more productive in addressing NTC responses. The paper ERM 14 Request for Ownership Information form was redesigned as a web form which allows full validation of required data, allows the user to attach multiple supporting documents and incorporates a submission confirmation email notification. The Class Code Historical Performance member product was modified to include per capita and population-based codes.To maintain optimal web performance and improve web security, a review of the Web site membership identified all accounts not used in the last three years. Those not used in the last three years were inactivated. All accounts inactive for more than 3 years were deleted.All Web site member products and functions were reviewed to identify compatibility issues associated with Chromium based browsers. Significant progress has been made to update code to eliminate these compatibility issues in an effort to make Chrome the primary supported browser for the web site. Other miscellaneous updates were completed to increase consistency, optimize page content and improve performance of download options. WCRB is committed to continuous improvement. We will diligently examine our business model and utilize internal and external feedback to meet the needs of our customers.12'