WCRB 2019 ANNUAL REPORT 2019 Membership ActivityNAME CHANGESOld NameNew NameEffective2009521st Century National Insurance Co 36587Plymouth Rock Assurance Preferred Corp12-7-18 1266121st Century Security Insurance Co 23833@Home Insurance Company12-7-18 41165Clearwater Select Ins Co41165Greystone Insurance Co12-21-18 17035Integrity Mutual Ins Co17035Integrity Insurance Company1-1-19 17493Grange Mutual Casualty Co17493Grange Insurance Company1-1-19 26727American Mining Ins Co26727Berkley Casualty Company1-1-19 15156Atlanta International Ins Co15156Wellfleet New York Insurance Co1-1-19 10766Unigard Indemnity Company10766Sutton National Ins Co1-11-19 27871Commercial Casualty Ins Co27871Wellfleet Insurance Company3-25-19 27618PartnerRe Ins Co of New York27618Cerity Insurance Company8-23-19 12661@Home Insurance Company12261AtHome Insurance Company12-13-19 66700American Sterling Ins Co66700C M Indemnity Company12-19-19MERGERSMerged CompanySurviving CompanyEffective 16713Farmland Mutual Insurance Co16195Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co1-1-19 16437Sheboygan Falls Ins Co25011Atlantic States Insurance Co12-1-19 25830LeMars Insurance Co25011Atlantic States Insurance Co12-1-19 New MembersEffective 30600Partner Reinsurance Co of US2-6-19 15350Platte River Ins Co2-7-19 66698U.S. Insurance Co of America2-11-19 75098Partner Re America Ins Co2-12-19 66700American Sterling Insurance2-22-19 39005Caterpillar Insurance Co2-28-19 19488Global Reinsurance Corp of America3-4-19 29181Transatlantic Reinsurance Co3-1-19 22780Preferred Employers Insurance Co3-26-19 25216Nationwide General Insurance Co4-4-19 34924Employers Insurance Co of Nevada 4-12-19 13838All America Insurance Company5-6-19 66701Professional Solutions Ins Co9-5-19 66702Westfield Champion Ins Co9-25-19 66703Westfield Premier Ins Co9-25-19 66704Westfield Superior Ins Co 9-25-19 66705Westfield Touchstone Ins Co9-25-19 59509Midwest Family Advantage Ins Co 9-30-19 Placed in RehabilitationEffective No Longer in RehabilitationEffective 10367Capson Physicians Insurance Co2-1-19 17051American Country Ins Co 7-8-19 30473Gateway Insurance Company10-16-19 Voluntary Withdrawal EffectivePlaced in LiquidationEffective 20788Trenwick American Reinsurance Corp 8-20-1915016 Northwestern National Ins Co of Milw 5-2-19 10367Capson Physicians Ins Co 6-28-1943'