WCRB 2019 ANNUAL REPORT WCRB COMMITTEES The WCRB Governing Board is given complete charge and management of the affairs of the Bureau GOVERNINGunder the authority of Article VII of the Bureau Bylaws.The Governing Board consists of five stock BOARDand five non stock insurer representatives elected by members of the BUreau; and two employer representatives elected by the Governor.The Rating Committee is empowered on behalf of the Bureau to interpret and apply the RATINGrules governing the classification and rating of all Workers Compensation risks in Wisconsin.It recommends appropriate rules, regulations, classifications, rates, and COMMITTEErating plans to the Governing Board.The Rating Committee consists of five stock and five non stock insurer representatives elected by members of the Bureau, and two employer representatives appointed by the Governor.The Actuarial Committee ensures the selected Wisconsin ratemaking methodology, ACTUARIAL trends, expense provisions, etc., result in rate accuracy and integrity.The Actuarial Committee consists of four stock and four non stock insurers selected by the Rating Committee. The Investment Committee provides general oversight and direction on matters pertaining to Investment Advisor performance and appropriateness of investment INVESTMENTguidelines to ensure stability of the WWCIP Pool Fund Surplus.The Investment Committee consists of two stock and two non stock insurers selected by the Governing Board.The Audit Committee determines the scope of annual WCRB and WWCIP financial and operational audits, and reviews the audit reports with WCRB management and the external auditors.Thre AUDITresults are reported annually directly to the Governing Board in Executive Session.The Audit Committee is comprised of CPAs from three member companies.18'