WCRB 2019 ANNUAL REPORTWCRB WEB SITE www.wcrb.orgWCRB strives to provide a high quality and safe user-friendly Web experience with a goal of meeting customer needs. WCRB utilizes a feedback feature on the web site in addition to periodic in person carrier visits to collaborate on continual improvement of functions and features provided in existing products and to identifying potential for new products. In 2019, WCRB focused on web site security. WCRB contracted with a third-party application security firm to complete extensive web application and network security testing. The firm followed a structured methodology focused on key assessment areas including but not limited to; application security, intrusion prevention, host security, firewall, password strength/authentication/session management and transport layer security. WCRB received recommendations for enhanced security measures which were implemented.The following are some Web product enhancements made available in 2019:The Online Assigned Risk product was redesigned with a more modern and secure user interface. Some new features provided in the redesigned product include the use of responsive design to make screens mobile friendly, a pre-population of information direct from membership to reduce data entry and quick access icons and links to various resources such as forms, class code lookup and experience mod lookup. The new product allows the user to save progress and run validations before completing the entire application. The applicant is presented with a list of required attachments based on the data entered which expedites the application processing by eliminating follow-up requests from the WCRB Pool Team. This initiative also eliminated hard copy bundle creations and facilitated the automation of the daily scan to imaging task. New search filters were added to the Class Code Lookup application and enhanced interactive map added to the Class Code Historical Performance member product. A new How To Become A Web Site Member page was added to the web site to provide a clear list of steps for a web visitor to determine whether their organization is already a member of the web site or how to register to become a member. Other miscellaneous updates were completed to increase consistency, optimize page content and improve performance of download options.WCRB is committed to continuous improvement. We will continue to closely examine our business model and utilize internal and external feedback to meet the needs of our customers.2019 COMPLIANCE DETAIL-YEARLY AGGREGATE REPORT 1 4'