WCRB WEB SITE www.wcrb.org In conjunction with the WCRB’s 100th year anniversary celebration, the wcrb.org website was redesigned for a more modern look and feel through web protocol upgrades and refined site content. Responsive design was implemented to provide ease of use and navigation when using a variety of devices ranging from desktop PCs to tablets to mobile phones. To assure the wcrb.org Web site meets stringent security criteria and best practice standards, the WCRB contracted with a third-party application security firm to audit the wcrb.org Web site. The security firm completed extensive application and network security testing. Recommendations for enhanced security measures were discussed and implemented. Also in 2017, WCRB replaced the old Manage USR member product with a robust full- service product that provides carriers more options for managing their USR data. The product provides carriers the ability to create and update USRs, validate USRs using a pre-submission validation, import USR files, export USRs, print error reports and create WCSTAT files. Carriers can also search USRs, claims, imported files, USR submissions and USR errors. The following enhancements to existing Web products were also implemented: • The WCPAP Online Application was enhanced to include an acknowledgement, submission confirmation number and automated email to the requestor as confirmation the application was successfully completed and submitted. • The Depopulation Report member product search results were modified to include a Google Map link for each employer address displayed in a search result. • The Carrier Election Form was enhanced to allow an electronic signature and an automated email to the requestor to confirm the election form was successfully submitted. • The Membership User Guide was rewritten to provide more details relative to account maintenance, product permissions and Administrator options. • Other miscellaneous updates were completed to increase consistency, optimize page content and improve performance of download options. WCRB will continue to closely examine our business model and utilize customer feedback to evaluate how to best meet the needs of our customers through the development of new and enhanced Web site products in 2018.