This Report of the President marks the 100th such report in our rating bureau’s history. As such, we have changed the format and content of the report in order to provide the customary rate revision detail, removed unnecessary detail and provided new detail that we hope will be of some value to the reader. 2017’s overall rate change calculation reviewed and approved by Wisconsin’s Commissioner of Insurance was -8.46%. The industry group breakdown, which is derived from the overall change is as follows: Manufacturing: -9.28% Contracting: -8.28% Office and Clerical: -8.64% Miscellaneous: -6.45% “F” Classifications -14.50% At the time of this report’s publication, calculations for the 2018 rate revision have begun. Those figures, while still in need of review and approval from the Commissioner, appear to be leaning toward another decrease in overall rate albeit not as steep as 2017’s decrease. Stay tuned. The WC insurance pool, which is managed by our bureau, continues to depopulate. Year-end 2017 earned premium was just under $100,000,000 and at the time of this report, the premium is closer to $80,000,000. A review of the Pool Results section of this publication will show that the pool itself is well funded. In terms of bureau operations, we continue our efforts at identifying everything we do with an eye on necessity, cycle time and first-time quality. Improvements continue to be made as the result of hard work at all levels, especially by our frontline employees. It is important to understand that as we identify and remove waste, it should have a coinciding impact on our members and other stakeholders. We expect improvements to be continuous until perfect flow is achieved. We have a long way to go! Please page through this new annual review format. Your feedback is welcomed. Regards, Bernard L. Rosauer President Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT CALENDAR YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31, 2017