LAW AMENDMENTS Historically, worker’s compensation legislation has been very limited in Wisconsin. There is a Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council, which is comprised of representatives of both labor and management and is chaired by the Administrator of the Worker’s Compensation Division of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Workforce Development. The Advisory Council also includes insurance industry representation, but only in an advisory capacity. The Advisory Council, through a series of meetings, presentations, negotiations, and hearings, develops a legislative proposal which is ultimately the only worker’s compensation legislation that is introduced, passed, and enacted into law in Wisconsin. The "Agreed Bill" is generally enacted to be effective on January 1 of all even-numbered years. The latest proposed changes, Assembly Bill 724, were signed into law effective March 2, 2016. The changes in benefits in 2017 were: the maximum benefit for temporary total disability and permanent total disability increased from $911 to $961 weekly; the maximum death benefit increased from $280,800 to $288,300; no change in burial expense of $10,000; increase in the weekly benefit for permanent partial disability from $342 to $362.