b"2023 WCRB State of the StateWisconsin Workers Compensation Stakeholders, The Workers compensation rate change submitted to and approved by The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance will take effect October 1, 2023.The overall rate change will be -8.39% and is supported industry group rate changes as follows:Manufacturing-8.30% Contracting-9.86% Office & Clerical-7.66% Goods and Services-8.39% Miscellaneous -7.66%This rate change marks the 8 thconsecutive rate decrease for the workers compensation rates in Wisconsin.Of note, the rate decrease trend we are experiencing is reflective, generally, of countrywide results and can be attributed to several factors such as increased focus on safety training, advancements in technology and increased workforce experience. Operationally, the Bureau has been a very strong focus on employee development, key employee succession planning, and technology improvements.Activities in these areas, combined with a relentless emphasis on continuous improvement (removing waste and increasing value), will ensure that Wisconsins demand for high quality data and communication standards will continue to be met. The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau recognizes the importance of all stakeholders in the smooth operation of the entire system and continues to partner with regulators, carriers, agents, and our state's Workers Compensation Advisory Committee. The efficiencies gained by doing so help ensure system friction costs experienced within Wisconsins workers compensation system are kept at a minimum.Leading the Bureau continues to be my pleasure.Best Regards,Bernard L. Rosauer President Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau"