The Coverage Lookup provides a means for employees, attorneys, and others to obtain insurance carrier claims processing information for a particular coverage, injury, or illness date. That information reflects the data that has been reported to the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau by insurance carriers. Employer and insurance carrier information is updated weekly. This product contains the last 20 years of data. [show more]

The information is organized by the official name and address appearing on the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance policy. The legal name of a business, business ownership type (corporation, sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company etc.), and number of locations may affect how the name and/or address is identified on the policy.

Be advised that search results contain employer names and addresses that were included on a policy for the full policy term or only a portion of the policy term.  Search results do not guarantee that a specific employer had binding coverage at the time of the particular coverage, injury, or illness date.  Only a certified copy of a policy of worker's compensation insurance can provide specific effective dates of coverage for specific named insureds.

If you cannot find an employer through this product, do NOT assume lack of coverage. If you cannot find an employer or suspect an employer of operating without worker’s compensation insurance, please contact the Department of Workforce Development at or 608-266-3046. [show less]
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